Dairy Products

Gelatin is a protein derived from animal collagen. It is composed of more than 85 %protein.Gelatin is a totally digestible protein oflow calorific value (4 kcal/g). It is fully digestible and contains 18 different amino acids, including all of the 9 essential amino acids with the exception of tryptophan. It is particularly rich in glycine, proline and hydroxyproline, which together represent almost 50% of the composition of the molecule. Hydroxyproline is an amino acid specific to Gelatin.


Gelatin is widely used in Dairy Products and Desserts


Other Features

binds:Gelatine swells, binding 5-10 times its weight of water.


Produces foam

Softens:Small additions of Gelatine always give asoft texture.

Stabilizes:It does not react with milk. It acts directlyby its gelling capacity


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