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Gelatin is widely applied in confectionery. It can be used alone or in combination with other texturizers to manufacture products such as gummybears, wine gums, pastilles, yogurt gums, deposited liquorice, fruit chews, etc.


Different textures and firmness characteristics canbe obtained by:

Varying the Gelatine content: the more Gelatine,the chewier theproduct.

Replacing one Gelatine with another quality of differing gelstrength: for the same firmness in the finished product, a less high bloom isneeded to substitute for low bloom, resulting in a lesschewy product.

Gelatin in Confectionery


Gelatine can be combined with other stabilizersor gelling agents to obtain particular texturecharacteristics

Gelatine + agar or pectin: short and brittle texture,

Gelatine + modified starch: less elastic texture,

Gelatine + gum arabic: hard, compact texture.


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