Development status and existing problems of gelatin industry in China

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I. Development Status of the industry

1, the rapid development of the industry, the rapid expansion of market capacity

Our gelatin industry is currently in a period of rapid development, rapid expansion of market capacity, according to the statistics of China Association of Chinese gelatin, gelatin industry market capacity of nearly ten years in the 2 digit compound annual growth rate of growth.

2, foreign-funded enterprises in China have expanded rapidly, and the development of national enterprises has been squeezed

Domestic gelatin industry huge market space and prospects for development, attracting foreign gelatin giants continue to enter the Chinese market, foreign-funded enterprises through "expansion + acquisition" way to compete for market share. The rapid expansion of foreign giants will squeeze gelatin national enterprises living space, such as national enterprises in the rapid development of the industry during the period cannot get more financial support, more technological breakthroughs will be marginalized in the competition, and finally escape the fate of merger or bankruptcy.

3, small enterprises in the industry, capacity expansion has become the industry development theme

At present, the gelatin industry is in a period of rapid expansion, foreign enterprises to enter a relatively short time, but with sufficient funds, mature technology, rapid expansion. On the contrary, the domestic national enterprises by capital and technology conditions, most enterprises are unable to grow with the expansion of the industry, so the industry formed a number of small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises capacity of hundreds of tons of large and medium-sized enterprises, with an annual output of more than 2500 tons of gelatin is scanty. Domestic enterprises should realize that only by seizing the current period of rapid development of the industry, expanding production capacity and expanding market share, can we survive in the competition.

4, product quality is uneven, supervision needs to be strengthened

Currently on the market a lot of uneven quality of gelatin, does not conform to the national standards of gelatin inferior products flooding the market, even some enterprises for profiteering by industrial glue or tannery chromium containing leather made of leather glue and gelatin gelatin as medical food sales, honesty and integrity of enterprise management is poor and the executives say the same to do is another. Some downstream manufacturers for the benefit of the use of inferior gelatin in order to save costs, further lead to the gelatin market confusion, gelatin industry regulation needs to be strengthened. The whole industry in hundreds of enterprises, there are very few of the food and Drug Administration approval, production line construction and management in accordance with the GMP standard is very little. Dongbao biological utilization of territorial bone resources, seize the opportunity to expand production in the new process of gelatin to raise investment projects, look far ahead from a high plane industry pacesetter, and purification Chinese electronic system engineering second construction company of win-win cooperation, enhance product line process and purification level, a solid foundation for the production of high-quality products.

Two, industry trends

1, industry supervision will be strengthened, high-quality enterprises will be more room for development

With the state's attention to food and drug safety not only improved, but also gradually strengthened supervision, for non-compliance with the rules of the game, dishonesty of enterprises and individuals, resolutely through market and administrative means to be eliminated. At the same time, with the improvement of living standards, consumer safety requirements of food and drugs have been improved, which will promote the gelatin market norms, related enterprises should actively participate in the certification work to enhance quality, improve the grade and competitiveness of enterprises and products.

2 、 gelatin and high-grade edible gelatin will be the main growth point of gelatin industry in our country

For nearly five years, the market situation of international classification of gelatin market according to their use, pharmaceutical gelatin increased most rapidly, and the world pharmaceutical industry growth rate matching; edible gelatin due to base, the growth rate in the second. With the integration of the world economy, the development trend of market segments in China gelatin industry and the international market are basically the same, medicinal gelatin and high-grade edible gelatin production enterprises will usher in more development opportunities and development space.

3 、 bone gelatin has become the main development direction of gelatin industry

The Chinese people love to eat flesh products with diet, make skin gelatin prone to shortage in the supply of raw materials, at the same time, some areas have poor quality of skin gelatin production situation of small and medium-sized enterprises, these industries will gradually controlled by the government. Therefore, the production of bone gelatin will be the main direction of the future development of the industry.

4, the comprehensive ability competition has gradually become the mainstream of competition

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